Sheet size still not saved in print dialogue

I still have to tell Rhino every time I go to print what sheet size to use. It defaults to ledger. This is a continual annoyance. It should open to the last sheet size you instructed it to print at. Even if I go to Properties and set the sheet size it defaults to ledger.

Is this because that is what is set in your default printer?
I’m not near a PC at present, so I cant check, but that might be something to check…

Thanks for the reply but that’s not it. My Adobe PDF default is letter. In all other programs If I set it to Tabloid it remembers Tabloid until I close the printer screen. But with Rhino no matter what I do, if for instance, I set the printer to Tabloid then click out of that screen to do something else - adjust a dimension or whatever - it resets to ledger. Pain in the …

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Hmm, it seems to be working here, although I don’t have Adobe PDF but rather PDF995. What I am seeing is my layouts are always correct, when I open the print dialog no matter what I last printed, it is now set to the sheet size of the layout. When I go back to model space, it will use whatever the last size I printed on was regardless of the space I was in, so if I was just in layout on a sheet that was using Arch E, that is what I’m going to get in model space, even if the last time I printed in model was letter. I assume this is doing this for all your printers?