Sheet Metal Pan (thickness and fillet)

I know Rhino isn’t real strong in the sheet metal category, but this seems simple enough.
I’m trying to give this part thickness and filleted corners as if it were bent from flat sheet. I have tried giving it thickness before and after filleting, but I can’t get it to work. I can’t even get the fillets to join in the corners properly on this surface.
Am I going about this all wrong?


Sheet Metal Tray.3dm (44.1 KB)

Did you try OffsetSrf?
If you run that on the object that you have, it will give you a quick solution with fillets and all.
Of course, it cannot be produced like that - the back wall is joined to the side walls and there should be a gap there.

Wim, OffsetSurf works well (Green part). It blended the outer surf but not the inner, so I tried to create all the surfaces with gaps with the hopes it would make radiuses inside and out when offset, but it didn’t (Blue part).

Sheet Metal Tray2.3dm (219.0 KB)

It works well if you put you fillets before the offset.
Sheet Metal Tray 001.3dm (345.6 KB)

Marc, that looks great, but I’m embarrassed to say that I tried that earlier and was not able to fillet the surfaces. See my fillet results. Can you show how you did yours?


Sheet Metal Tray 002.3dm (459.6 KB)

Hi Frank,
I selected all the edges so Rhino could build the corners.

I was using FilletSrf which wouldn’t let me select ALL edges. FilletEdge works great.
Thanks for your help!