Shattered display

I realize that I had put this in the GH category.
I hope it will garner more attention here.
I’m very dis-pleased with the regression the Rhino V6 interface constitutes, after 7 years of development.

Sometimes I get this kind of shattered display while performing view rotation :

Shattered.jpeg1460x1382 237 KB


Hello - is that a 3dconnexion target in the center of your image? If so, does it make any difference if the 3dConnexion is disabled and you tumble the view?


Of course it is.
Who in his right mind would use Rhino without a 3D mouse ?
That being said, I never experienced such issues before in V5 times.
Since it is not systematic, I can’t immediately report on whether the cranky old "mouse + keyboard "way of navigating through a 3D model would also produce this effect, but will be glad to do so when the occurrence arises.

I am able to trigger the issue consistently when selecting over multiple objects (so with the dis-ambiguation window) and the 3D mouse.

Rotating the scene with the mouse is not possible in this situation.

I’ve been using Rhino for years without a 3d mouse :slight_smile:. Although I often say to myself, ‘I must get a 3d connexion mouse and and give it a spin’ :+1: