Shatter and Evaluate Curve don't work

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to scale and offset different curves and then trim them at some intersections with a different group of curves where I need to build an arc of known radius.

Everything need to be scale 5% bigger
The green curves need an offeset of 8
The magenta curves need an offset of 15
The arcs need to be build where the dotted lines intersect the green and magenta curves

Dotted black lines: radius 2
Dotted dark green lines: radius 1

This is the definition I’m trying to use

Right now I have two problems:


  • The first is the shatter… instead dividing the lines over the intersection of the circles (build over the intersections beteewn the offseted curves and the dotted lines), is dividing all of them in 21 pieces… not following this intersections and I don’t understand how to fix it.


  • The second is the evaluate curve comand. I need to find the 2° point of the arcs. It’s mixing the intersections over the lines and doing a mess… I don’t know how to solve this too

Anyone knows how to help me?


shatter & EC doesn’t (27.5 KB) shatter & EC doesn’t work.3dm (39.2 KB)

For one thing, you aren’t supplying a center point (‘C’ input) when you Scale your curves so they all scale relative to the origin.

As to Shatter, you are flattening the ‘t’ input so those values are applied to all curves instead of only the appropriate curve.

Hi Joseph,
thanks for your reply!

What did you mean saying this?
What does it change?

" For one thing, you aren’t supplying a center point (‘C’ input) when you Scale your curves so they all scale relative to the origin."

About the Shatter instead the result doesn’t change… I mean the list of course does but I still have wrong interaction beteewn the curves exactly as before

When you scale relative to the origin instead of each curve’s “center”, the curves shift so they are no longer aligned with their original position before scaling.

As to Shatter, you have data tree problems. There are many flatten, graft and Clean Tree operations thoughout your code without regard to (or understanding of?) their effects. A little too ambitious for your skill level, I think. Try something simple, maybe one curve at a time?

Ok, thanks…
I tought scaling everything with the same factor it chage the position of the pieces on the plane but not the position related to each other…

The mean of Clean Tree is to delete the empty brances derivate from Curve to Curve intersection (those who have not a real interaction).

With one curve at a time it works perfecly… problems start having many curves…

Thanks for your help

That’s true.

Cleaning the tree (and flattening and grafting) can cause misalignment of results unless you are very sure about matching data trees from different points in the code.