Sharing my portfolio #OpenToWork

Hi Mcneel Forum.

my name is Leonardo Gindri, I’m an architect and computational designer in Brasil!

here’s my portfolio with some of my most relevant projects. you can check it out in the link Leonardo Gindri - Portfolio by Leonardo Gindri - Issuu (feedbacks are welcome!)

the english version is coming along this week, but I think the images speaks it for themselves :slight_smile:

thank you!

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pdf won’t display properly here, requires a download.

I highly recommend putting this online on a proper website, not in a google drive. Many (most, if not all?) employers won’t jump thru the hoops you are asking for here to see your work.

FWIW, I used to hire a lot of designers and I would have skipped your work for this reason alone.

this is error I see here-


Hey @theoutside thank you for the heads up!

This didn’t appeared in my browser, it just opened directly (opera) but I’ll address this today!