Sharing Master Files

Hi guys,

We were using a master file with severall link blocks but we cannot make it work from different computers because of the path that is saved on the block manager.

Do you know if there is a away to deal with it, or should we have a master file on each computer.

Thank you

Hi -

You should be able to map your network drive so that the path to shared resources are the same on all computers.

How can i do it? We have all the dropbox installed on our computers, where the files are

Hi - you’re posting a bit here and there now, so I’m not sure if you are on Windows or Mac…
On Windows, you should be able to map a network drive (I map OneDrive and GoogleDrive networks) to a drive letter on your machines by right-clicking on “This PC” in Windows Explorer and picking the Map network drive... option.

Hi, sorry for the mess.
We are using PC and Mac and the files are all on a dropbox

Yeah, I suppose that is messy - I guess the files are actually copies on the local machine, not actually on a central location.


Exactly :frowning: