Sharing a single palette possible?

Hi @Pascal and @dan,

while i was trying to publish a single custom made palette on Mac, i’ve have found some things which did not work as expected or which i do not understand:

  1. I go to Rhino 7 / Preferences / Commands to make a duplicate of the Default Command set and name it eg. “MyCustomCommandSet”

  2. Click on “Customize” and the + sign which creates a new entry under “Modified Palettes”, i named it eg. “MyCustomPalette”

  3. Added some buttons to this palette, then clicked on Save which closed the Command Editor.

Why is the newly added Palette (“MyCustomPalette”) not shown by default ? It took me a while until i’ve found that i have to go to Window / Active Tool Palettes / and from there open the new entry “MyCustomPalette”. I guess new users will never find this.

When creating new buttons for a Modified Palette, there seems to be a small glitch:

  1. Click the + sign in the first row, second column to add a new button
  2. Double click in the third column so you can enter a new macro for this button
  3. Enter your Text, Menu Text, Tooltip and the command in the Script section

After i entered my Text and tried to use Tab key to jump to the Menu Text field, the cursor jumped out of the text field and the focus got to the empty icon in the first row, second column of the Command Editor.

If i drag an image to this new button, on the rectangle in the second row third column, the text field “Script” is cleared. (Edit: It always clear the field where the cursor is in, so if the cursor is in the Tooltip field and it has some text, this gets cleared)

Creating many buttons with this was is slightly exhaustive…

I finally would like to publish only my modified palette, but have no idea how to do it or where to find it. In the Library/Preferences folder there is only the entry for:


but no file for “MyCustomCommandSet”. Is it possible for other users to selectively import the single modified palette from my plist using _ImportPreferences ?