Sharepoint to Grasshopper?

Hello all!

Has anyone found a way to connect a Sharepoint list to Grasshopper? I know we can use .xls or .csv files, but I’m hoping to get a live link if possible. If I MUST use a static .xls/.csv, is there any way to auto-populate the panel with the path of the .csv?

Here’s my plan:

A user inputs numerical data via PowerApps, which populates a Sharepoint List. This list would then be fed into a .gh definition, with a Boolean Toggle to keep things under control.

I have played with Lunchbox’s ExcelReader, but (I think) that requires the .xls to be open & minimized (right?). The vanilla ReadFile seems more applicable to my scenario, and if I could find a way to auto-populate the Panel containing the file path, it would be great.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Declan,

Realising this is quite an old post, I was wondering if you had any luck with this?

Not really. We created a workflow for using the ExcelReader in .gh and left it at that. Microsoft Power Automate can do some pretty great things in conjunction with Sharepoint, so you might have some luck exporting a Sharepoint list as .xls to a syncronized (local) folder and having .gh use that location to read from.

My original post was actually mistaken - ExcelReader wants the file to NOT be open (hangs if it is).