Shaping panels to fit

I’ve recently downloaded a cockpit and need to put a front and back panel on it, I was wondering if there’s an easy way to do so. By the way, the cockpit is a mesh.

A bit of a work-around:

  • sub-select the mesh faces that border the the outer edge where you want to have a new panel.
  • Copy those faces in place.
  • Convert to NURBS (MeshToNurbs) [if your model is light, you could skip step 1 and 2]
  • join the edges of the surfaces that border the outer edge.
  • close this new curve with lines which will be the borders of your panel
  • use the MeshPolyLine command to make a mesh of this closed curve

Note: I don’t normally work with meshes - perhaps somebody has an easier way of doing this.

Note: I’ve created a wish item that would make it possible to just select the edges of the border mesh faces and join those into a polyline right away. That would simplify the process.

Hi @wim,

It looks like Mikko fixed this.

Please test it when the build comes out next week.

Please mark it fixed if it is.


  • Bob