Shapeways materials for Rhino rendering?

Does anyone know if material definitions are available to render models as if they were made with the materials Shapeways offers?

Hi @carlson, Can you mention which rendering engine you require materials for?
eg. Vray, Maxwell, Keyshot, Neon, Rhino renderer, etc. Michael VS

Rhino renderer and Neon.

The Shapeways full materials selection looks quite large,i was surprised.
metals,plastic,wax,ceramic,sandstone…frosted plastic and metallic plastic.
-nothing that cannot be approximated.

oh.-They use Blender to render it for you
…so anything they can do material- wise you could do if you wanted to switch on Blender,
i know i would not.
You could ask them to share the material library.

CPearase: thanks!

yur welcome.