ShapeOp in Grasshopper

I wanted to try out ShapeOp, followed all the instructions for the installation, but the 1. Solution exception:cannot load library ShapeOp.0.1.0.dll persist. Any idea how to solve this?

ps Dont’t know python, barely understanding c#, grasshopper, no idea what a ctype is…

I’m assuming you’re referring to this implementation (and followed the directions provided)?

Either way, it’s hard for me to recommend implementing ShapeOp in Grasshopper (especially if you don’t know C++ and C# or Python) as it has not seen active development for several years now. I’d advice implementing Kangaroo2 instead. As it is based on a similar principle, is actively developed by @DanielPiker, is native to Grasshopper since Rhino 6, and has a fantastic API that makes it simple to extend (e.g. for developing custom goals and solvers).

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I see, thank you

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