Shapediver randomly doesn't generate a second model

This is supposed to have two parts, a mask and a cover. Shapediver will randomly not generate the second one - why?

What do you mean by generate? You mean visualize in the online viewer or export the files? Ideally, you would recreate the problem on a minimal definition. Could you at least send a screenshot of the two different results (right and wrong) you are referring to?

On the left: When I open the scene, it doesn’t generate the second component.

On the right: When I change a setting it regenerates correctly.

This will be quite difficult to debug without seeing the definition.

From another post, I know you are using Rhino 5. This could cause an issue if you are using our default Rhino 6 system. You could try locally to see if your definition produces the results you expect in rhino 6 or if it looks like on shapediver.

How big are the meshes? If they have more than 65536 vertices, our server attempts to reduce them, which does not always succeed. If you make sure the meshes are within the limit, you will get more reliable results.

Finally, this could be an issue with a component returning a list with different sorting than in your instance of Rhino. This type of issues is discussed in Edwin’s webinar:


  • Will I have to get Rhino 6 then? I don’t own it.
  • Polycount is variable but the part that keeps disappearing is ~13,000 vertices.
  • It’s possible but once a variable is changed in the equation the other section of the mask appears. Also I am not sorting the display at all, the meshes are independently generated through a bifurcated path.

So the size of the meshes is not the issue, but it can be one of the two other things. You can try Rhino 6 for free for 90 days so you could start the trial and try to open your definition there.
For the last problem, I probably won’t be able to help if I can’t see a minimal version of the definition.