ShapeDiver plug-in v1.6

The new version of the ShapeDiver plug-in is now available!

One of the new features is the gITF Exporter for Rhino. gITF has become the standard format for displaying geometry online. It loads fast and is widely compatible with online 3D technologies. It is the first gITF exporter for Rhino and it is compatible with version 5, version 6, and with your Grasshopper definitions.

Another interesting feature is the GeometryGym Integration. GeometryGyM is a popular plug-in for AEC users to simplify interoperability between Rhino+Grasshopper and other software packages used in the industry such as Revit and ARCHICAD.

Here are a few of the other updates rolled out with this new plug-in:

  • Support for the Dendro plug-in: Dendro is a popular plug-in for volumetric modeling in Grasshopper. Download the plug-in and check out an example model on ShapeDiver.
  • New export formats: The ShapeDiver export components now support one additional geometry format (OBJ) and three Other text-based formats (XML, JSON, and of course, IFC).
  • New helper component for extracting mesh UVs: A simple but crucial operation not natively available in Grasshopper.
  • Support for polyline JSON data output.

Get more information and download here…

Posted Nov 29, 2019 by Carla Sologuren on Rhino News, etc.

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