Shapediver Model suddenly missing geometry and materials

We noticed last week one of our models lacked most of its geometry and materials. Upon a re-upload it worked. This has now happened again with another model. We have 10 models we are reliant on being valid and active so this sporadic destruction of files is not acceptable. What’s going on and what’s the fix? See link to current model that’s been affected.

Could you please link to the model on the shapediver platform that corresponds to this configurator, as well as maybe describing a set of parameters on the shapediver platform that leads to missing geometry?

Hi Mathieu,
Colleague of Stig here, had issues signing in and out of accounts.
Here is the link to the file.

Can it have any thing to do with whats going on with the beta?

I have attached the smaller brother of this model so you can gauge how much is lacking

Whats strange is in preveiw thumbnails here shows the complete boat but when click on its so much is missing in terms of materials and geometry.

We are investigating the issue. In the meantime, you will probably be able to fix the issue by reuploading the model and updating the ticket in your website to the new model. We are looking for a potential bug and will fix it to prevent this issue from happening again. Please let us know if it happens for the newly uploaded model as well.

@stigolsson many thanks for reporting this problem. We are currently investigating in detail. Do you still remember the following:

  • Which model did this problem happen for initially? Is the model still there and can the issue still be reproduced?
  • When you say “last week”, do you mean the week between 22nd of November and 26th of November?
  • Did this ever happen before, and if so do you remember when it happened?

Many thanks for your help.

@stigolsson my colleague @mathieu1 informed me about two further models of yours for which this problem has appeared. All of these models were created around the same time in September (15th and 16th of September). The problem is be related to a bug that had been introduced in the release of our refactored geometry backend which was rolled out exactly at this time. The bug was fixed shortly afterwards, it was related to static display geometry (display geometry which doesn’t depend on any parameters). It won’t happen again after re-upload, unless this is really due to another bug, which I deem highly unlikely.