ShapeDiver import 3dm

I see on iframe a red message after upload/import a 3dm-file like “Allowed file formats are application/3dm, appli …”!?!

I see sometimes on the “ShapeDiver View” of my loaded/imported gh-file with the same uploaded 3dm-file a computation limit about above 10000 ms!

So from the customers-view (iframe) it looks like an file-typ issue and on the (ShapeDiver View) it looks like to much computation time.

  1. How can I change the properties, that my customer will see on iframe that there is a compution time error?

  2. Why is SOMETIMES a computation error with the same file?

Regarding the issue on the ShapeDiver platform, we have noticed it and will release a fix before the end of the year. We have also noticed that it does not happen all the time, but we do not know why because the issue comes from Rhino’s side. I will let you know when our fix is released, it should hopefully solve this issue for you.

Regarding the file type issue in the iframe: as far as I can see, this is something different and from my experience it does not prevent the file from uploading. There is just a UI issue in the iframe where this message is shown even if the file import happens without issues. We will look into it and solve this as well, however as I mentioned this should not result in errors when importing files. If you still think there is an issue on this side, please send a link and instructions to reproduce the issue.