ShapeDiver: image texture and ground plane

Hi guys,

I’m using this image as a texture map:
In my SD app I cannot see any texture mapping. Why?

In the app is there a way to have the ground plane of the environment we have choosen? Or at least change the colour of the ground plane (since is by default white)? If not I think a good way is to create ever a ground plane from GH with it’s own colour swatch, isn’t it?


@michele.farina you are using a blog link for your texture: “” not an image link. In order to get the image link from Imgur, if you are using Chrome, you have to right click on your image and click on “Copy image address”. The URL of your image should end in the file extension, so .jpg, .png, .tiff, etc. For the image that you want to use, the correct link is “”.

Regarding the ground, I suggest to make your own via GH so you can control how it looks and behaves. For example with this one: We just used a 1 face rectangular mesh and then we applied an alpha/transparency map so that it blends with the background.