Shapediver : Ghosts of other Camera Views

Hello !

Could someone please help me with this? I think it could be a bug.
Sometimes when my team creates different camera views, the ghost of other views are overlayed on top like so :

This is for this project

Hello @johanna.mcallister,

thank you for your message. We can reproduce the issue and will let you know once it is fixed!

Cheers, Michael

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Sweet thank you,

it seems to be happening to all of our projects - could it be because our files are too big ?

Here is the link to another model with the same issue

and the grasshopper file.
Tanner Wilks - Wall Mockup (15.3 MB)

Hello @johanna.mcallister,

we have identified the issue, and a fix for this will be coming shortly. We’ll let you know!

Cheers, Michael

Hello @johanna.mcallister

a fix for this has been deployed to the platform and to viewer version 2.12.5.

Cheers, Michael