Shapediver - GH Scripts Not Working


I am testing Shapediver to embed some parametric scripting into Autodesk Forma (Spacemaker). I can get simple grasshopper scripts to work, but as soon as I try to do anything a little too complicated it seems like Shapediver cannot process it.

I am following all the guidelines to my knowledge, flattening the data trees, working with mesh geometry…

This is what I see when uploading the more-complicated script:

I will attach two scripts: A simplified version, and a more complex version that generates boxes on a project site. (13.9 KB)
Boxes-MoreComplex.ghx (272.8 KB)

Excited about the tool, any feedback is apreciated. Thanks!

Hi Nate,

It seems you’re trying to upload a Rhino 7 file to a Rhino 6 system. This is what’s most likely causing this issue.

If you have a trial period or a paid plan, head to your ShapeDiver account settings, then to the backend section and choose the R7 one, then re-upload the file. This should fix things.

Can you please confirm?