Shapediver Geometry Upload: Struggling with simple transformations of uploaded objects

Dear Rhino-community,

my question is whether I am able to transform object as follows, after uploading them to shapediver.
I’d like to realign an uploaded random object to the coordinate origin, no matter what its previous orientation was. This is necessary because my main project is setup in the coordinate origin to perform easy mirror operations and so on.

Here is my script to realign objects in space in grasshopper:
random geometry (2.1 MB)

And here is the Shapediver uploaded version:

And the .obj-File I am working with:
demo_tank_scale.obj (6.9 MB)

I really don’t know, why the script works fine with the internalized geometry, but why it doesn’t with the uploaded version. I tried to debug the script and connected earlier processing stages in a preview node. But even simple transformations, like a move node right after the sdgeometryinput, seem to be not working.

Has anybody ideas on this, am I doing anything basic wrong? Or is there even an easier way to reorient objects?

The demo_tank_scale.obj comes in as invalid but adding Rebuild Mesh after the geometry import ensures that only valid meshes get processed by the script.

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Super cool, @pavol! Thank you so much for helping me with this. The Pufferfish rebuild mesh component fixed the problem. Now it works fine as it should.