Shapediver Export Email PDF

I am trying to use the shapediver export to email component in the shapediver platform. I am testing the PDF export on my computer using the write pdf component and it works well but when I upload the definition and click the export email button I get this message, “Sorry, there is no data to be exported for these parameter settings.” What am I missing? I noticed that the D input on the export email component says “data” while the D input on the write pdf component says “Document”. Is this the problem?

I’ve attached a screenshot of the definition.


Have you specified data as pdf in the SDExportEmail format input?


Also, check the size of your PDF. You can test sending a test PDF to your email address with this app:

Hi Pavol, thanks for your reply. I did put “pdf” in the F input. The test you sent did work. My PDFs are less than 100KB. I’m still not able to export pdfs from my model. Does the geometry need to be visible to export? What other things could be causing this problem?


The geometry for export doesn’t need to be visible. Could you post a minimal version of your definition reproducing the problem?

Thanks again Pavol, I figured out my problem. I had some points that were referenced from the rhino model. I internalized them and it worked. Stupid mistake.