Shapediver error visualization lines

Hi, I’m having problems with the visualization of lines in one project,

I need to solve it quickly because is an online tool that is been presented in the next days.

It was working fine when i uploaded but now i found an error:

I have this parameters and works fine

Then i switch a toggle and the lines dissapear , this wasnt happening before

If I switch back the toggle (comming back to the originals parameters), the problem of the line visualization persist. Showing that is not a problem with the parameters.

Thanks for your help

Can you create a minimal definition (maybe starting from your own definition and removing unnecessary components) and post it here so I can debug your issue? I don’t have enough information to help based on your screenshots.

Hi Mathieu thanks for your quick answer

I developed a minimal definition with the same issue in the platform.

I transfer you the model in the platform but just in case you still need the gh file i will send you in private.

Thank you for your report. We have identified a bug with the display of lines that will be fixed in the next viewer release, I will let you know when it is available on the platform.

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