Shapediver Email Export validation and whiltelist (Frontend Viewer API)

Dear Shapediver,

I have been going through the documentation for Email Exports and can’t seem to find any mention of email validation. I also don’t seem to be able to see anywhere in my profile (my client’s profile actually) where i can add my email in order to test and implement email exporting (and downstream processing of files). May I know where can I get this information?

The account i’m using is a Designer Plus account.

this is the public profile: saitodesignstudio | ShapeDiver

When you trigger an email export, our backend system validates the recipient email address using an API for email validation. In case the resulting score is too low, our backend refuses to send the email. This prevents the email export feature to be abused for spamming. In case you are running into troubles related to this, please let us know the details.

Oh how embarrassing! Turns out I had a spelling error on my email input T_T apologies for wasting your time… it works now!

Thank you again for your help!

Never mind, great that it work, and many thanks for your feedback!