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my grasshopper documant is ready…

  1. How can I make layout format on grasshoppers. ( Printeble layout formats= front view right etc)
  2. how can I change iframe style on shapediver menu…
  1. It depends what you need to do exactly. You can use the Make2D component to capture views and use the Squid plugin (ShapeDiver version) to export them as bitmap files (no PDF export is possible yet). Alternatively, you can unroll geometry and create a 2D layout manually before exporting it to dxf or dwg using the ShapeDiver export component. Find below a cluster that creates dimensions in various formats, including Squid instructions ready to export (ShapeDiver plugin needed). (118.8 KB)

  2. What do you mean by changing the iframe style? In Edit mode, you can reorganize parameters, hide them and change their default value. If you mean UI styling, that is not possible with the default ShapeDiver controls, you will need to use the API.

1- I want my customer to take out a PDF documant like that…deneme_v3.pdf (3.3 MB)

With one button I want them to take out of their own drawings as PDF format like that…

Is it possible with fabtools or another thing?

2-I want to change shapediver buttons style on my web page or and connect it with woocommerce etc.
Is it posiible with Html codes?


  1. See the answer I gave earlier today in this other topic: Feature Suggestion - Multiple File Export

  2. For this, you will need a Wordpress developer to develop a custom theme or plugin. This has more to do with the Wordpress documentation for developers than with ShapeDiver.