ShapeDiver - Dimension with PDF plan


Could we add dimension into a PDF plan with ShapeDiver?

(* I’ve followed this video to make PDF with ShapeDiver : How To Export PDF Files From Rhino Grasshopper! - YouTube

  • I’ve tried FabTool. But when connecting the FabTools dimension to the Draw (SquidInstr), an error : “Data conversion failed from Goo to Curve”.

  • I looked at the ShapeDiver cluster for dimension 3D, but it is not applicable here).

Thanks in advance for your helps


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Hi @paul_Nguyen you can use this cluster to create the necessary geometry to then plug in the Squid components: LinearDimension.ghcluster (12.5 KB) One of the outputs of this cluster is a rectangle which you can use with the “Text” component of squid (In the instructions section of the plugin) to add the text to the PDF.

Hope it helps!

By the way, we have a new series about how to create technical drawings PDFs with Grasshopper and ShapeDiver:

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Thanks @edsahergom for your answers and information.
Could we have the Grasshopper file of this example : ShapeDiver ?

We can’t share that model because its not ours, it’s from a former client.

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