Shaped form

Hello everybody. It is possible to make a shape for array of objects in grasshopper?

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Excuse me. This is my first question here. I’ll try to figure it out.


Map Srf

Thanks, I’ll try it.

This uses the plugin Parakeet, which you ,might find useful. (8.3 KB)

What is not obvious from the image I posted is how Map Srf (Map to Surface) works depends on how the surface was constructed.

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No worries.
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same goes for categorized ones :wink:

Seems you want to treat your surface ‘differently’,
if it’ll continue to have four sides;
hence why not make it an EdgeSurface and go from there: (10.5 KB)

@Joseph_Oster would have preferred to help you without plugins anyway :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Especially when they have no Grasshopper file/geometry attached.

I did.

As I understand this solution works for a shape with four edges. If there are more edges?

Isocurves are the key to Map To Surface, regardless of how many edges. As you can see from the animated .gif I posted, it doesn’t work with Boundary surface.

Yes i see. And Isocurves can be only four pieces?

No… Isocurves are shaped by how a surface is constructed.

  • Boundary surfaces are “Trimmed Surfaces”, their isocurves are determined by the underlying “Untrimmed Surface”.

  • EdgeSrf produces “Untrimmed Surfaces” where isocurves conform to surface edges. “Untrimmed Surfaces” can be created other ways as well, such as Loft.