Shape To Fabrication conference in London

Shape To Fabrication
Stratford Circus, London (UK)
April 19-20, 2016

The Shape To Fabrication conference focuses on cutting-edge technology, innovative construction, and applications in architecture, engineering, and design. This year’s speakers are shaping the future, unafraid to push technology and engineering to new heights.

We live in an unprecedented time. An age where buildings are moving, jewelry is printed, clothes are sprayed on, facades are folded by robots, and cars are made of textile. We are proud to present to you the brave few, the first to use such pioneering technologies to create these magical experiences.

Discover the latest avant-garde projects from an international panel of presenters.

Save the date for the Grasshopper User Group Meeting – April 18, 2016 at the same location. More details to follow.

Posted Feb 19, 2016 by Carlos Perez on Rhino News, etc.