Shape modelling plugin

Hi all,
I’m not sure if this has been mentioned here before, but I’m wondering if the autodesk shapemodelling plugin works with V6?. I’ve heard that plugins will need to be recompiled which i’m guessing wont happen with shape, so I’m wondering if anyone here has a license of it and has tried it to see if it works?

Hi @Tanuki_in_Residence

Taken from the tsplines blog:
“We have some important news about the future of the three Autodesk plug-ins for Rhino that we currently offer. As of January 7th 2017, Autodesk will no longer develop new versions or sell the T-Splines, Shape Modeling, and Real-time Renderer Plug-ins for Rhino. We have made this decision to simplify our portfolio and focus efforts to better serve our customers with Autodesk products.” (

So no, Shape Modeling will not be compiled for V6, nor will it be supported in the future.


ok thanks for the info. I saw here they announced EOL on T-Splines but hadn’t heard about shape modelling. oh well. guess I’ll have to grab a seat before Jan and keep a version of 5 handy (since an alias subscription costs roughly the same as a mortgage) :wink: