Shape Diver support for Telepathy and Galapagos plugins


Are you going to add Telepathy and Galapagos to the list of the supported plugins for Shape Diver? What is the expected timetable?

BR, Ilari Pirhonen
Technology Manager, Parametric Design
Sweco Structures, Finland

Hi @ilari.pirhonen
This blog post might help in understanding in some more detail why these plugins are not already supported: Why can’t ShapeDiver support all Grasshopper third-party plugins?
Galapagos requires the user to double click on the component and interact with the UI in order to compute the optimized solution. This will not work on any cloud system that runs Grasshopper in a ‘headless’ manner, as no human has access to the Grasshopper Canvas.
Telepathy is not supported on the shared system as it is a closed-source plugin that works with the data pipeline on the Grasshopper canvas and could lead to security/stability issues on the cloud.
Functions like these could be possibly supported with an Enterprise plan. If you’re interested in upgrading to such a license, please contact our sales team.