Shank and des is this possible in Rhinoceros?

Shank.3dm (1.6 MB)


Is this possible? in Rhinoceros.
Need a perfect insole design so the shank is there, but the “des” layer has to cover this whit a bulge.
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Do you have a 2D bottom pattern? Better still, the 3D last bottom pattern?

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You can download a legal evaluation version of Rhino 3D®


Leest 109N.3dm (4.8 MB)

Hi Jonathan,

hope this is what you need?

Regards, Rogier.

Hi Rogier,

Have you created the file up to this point? Do you have dimensions for the standard metal shank component? Insole thickness? Just trying to understand first.

Anyone McNeel wise reading this - is there a way to get the camera to ‘normalise’ itself if you have a CPlane at a weird angle? So that Perspective view orbiting doesn’t become so much of a pain? (current workaround being to remap all objects to a World CPlane).

4DefaultViewports -twice

Leest 109N.3dm (474.6 KB)

This is the idea but the shank has to be covered like a real insole.

So I have not a legal version? Why?
This? Rhino 6 SR11 2018-10-17 (Rhino 6, 6.11.18290.16071, Git hash:master @ efd6990ad5873ee48c41acb5cbfbe97770a03e63)
Licence type: Undefined, build 2018-10-17
I payed for this second hand.


Why pay again?

Apologies - I mean, the custom CPlane that I’ve set up. How would you then get the perspective camera to orbit around it, as though it was the World Top ? To be fair, if I had my 3D mouse then I would be alright, as it gives that flexibility. But as I say, remapping the stuff to the World Top CPlane does do the trick.

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Not to pay again, but to transfer the licence from the original owner into your name.

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Thanks for sharing this can you send it as Rhino File.
I don’t know how to set up that view.