Shadows Flipped in Artistic Display Mode

I have a strange problem. When I change my display mode to artistic the shadows are mirror images to the outlines. I tried to look through viewport settings but was unable to find anything to address this. Attached are screenshots of the problem as well as the ‘shadow’ settings in artistic display mode. Your help would be greatly appreciated!

Well, well, well. Looks like Apple has finally fixed a three year old bug. We know from an email conversation with you that you have a Mac with an Intel HD 4000 GPU. Three years ago we had to put in a special patch for that GPU to flip shadows because they were backwards only on the Intel HD 4000.

We have a hidden command, TestFlipTextureLookups, that is normally off. Run this command and your shadows will be in the right place. I’ve tested this on an Intel HD 4000 GPU and it does fix the shadows on your model.

You will need to run this command each time you start Rhino until we patch our patch so it is no longer applied to Intel HD 4000 GPUs that have been fixed.

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Oh, thank you so much Marlin! Yes, the command fixed the issue! Thanks for the very speedy tech support.