Shadows break-down when rotating

I am in love with the new display performance in v6, screenshots instead of renderings! I noticed that when I rotate the shadows kind of break down, become grainy… is there any way to ameliorate this? Video attached:

Yes I reported this too on rendered view looking degraded compared to the last wips. It’s like they changed rendered view to a cycles influenced view instead of the Rhino render don’t know why they have to have the dust on rotate where it wasn’t there in previous wips.

That is the SSAO effect being degraded during rotate. The SSAO is done by @DavidEranen . I don’t recall a setting to turn the degradation off, but he probably can tell you better.

Yeah, I wish it would be more fluid so it only downgraded when the FPS dropped below 30, or even being able to set it to 15 if quality was desired above framerate.

Both turntable and testmaxspeed draws every frame at full quality though.

+1. Ability to control it would be great (either on/off or min framerate).
I know there is some reluctance in exposing these settings in UI, as well as AO radius, but that makes a lot of sense for advanced users to have this level of control. Hope this can be still considered - this is such a cool feature so it deserves to be well implemented.

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The skylight shadow effect has been tweaked again and will be available in Tuesday’s WIP if all goes well. The “dusty” look when rotating should be somewhat improved.



Okay, the newly tweaked version should be available in the latest WIP. Please try it out!

:frowning: saddly no. Vid:

Interesting. Thin, long features such as those chair legs can be tricky to get right. Does it look any different if you set the camera target point to be, say, somewhere around the closest table?

It would be great if you could provide me with this scene so that I could do some testing myself.