Shadows and light error?


Something seems very wrong with the shadows.
When I rotating the view it is kind a smooth, but as soon as I stop it renders beauty, but shadows become very sharp without any smoothing (no blur, no antialiasing). Also if I set up a light position higher than z: 5, shadows disappear at all, no matter which stance shadow toggle is set.

Hello- what is the interface you show here? Is this a Rhino question?


This is ShapeDiver app interface.
Forgot to pick tags, thx!

In the new viewer, the environment maps are now used for illumination, on top of the lights in your scene, which can lead to different results from the previous viewer, where only physical lights were taken into account.
Make sure to play with the environment map as well. As a general rule, when an environment is present, the ambient light is probably unnecessary and will lead to intense lights that sometimes will even make shadows invisible.
In the near future, we will include a convenient way to upload your own HDR maps, in which case you might want to entirely rely on the map for lighting and remove all physical lights from your scene.

Regarding the shadow issue, I cannot reproduce it: as soon as the camera stops moving, I can see the beauty rendering kick in, the shadows blur and antialisasing is used. Maybe you could record a video of what you mean?

Here is setup which is cause this issue.