Shading 2d elevations in layout? How?

I’d like to manually add shading to my elevation drawings (as per example I found online), however, when I create a solid hatch, I can’t seem to add a transparency to it. Any ideas on how to do this to an elevation detail from a 3D model in layout? Thank you.

use SendBackward / SendToBack on the hatch, or BringForward / BringToFront on the linework

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Thanks Nate. That works for 2d drawings. However, sometimes I’d like to shading an elevation detail from a 3d model. In this case, I can’t shade the model… Is it at all possible to do this hatch shading within layout without going into model space?

One way to cheat transparency in layouts is to draw your shadow as a surface and use _setobjectdisplaymode to change to ghosted.

I tried this and it doesn’t work. I can see it in the layout and it does look semi transparent, but it won’t show up in either print or rhino PDF, and doesn’t show in either vector or raster prints. What settings do you have when printing? Maybe I have something set incorrectly?

Does it work for you?

Seems like it works when the ghosted object is in the detail/model space but not the layout space (or maybe it does and I haven’t figured out the setting). I’m printing vector on bullzip.

A bit late to the party…

If you do have the 3D model and are willing to have to print to raster, you could just set your detail to a rendered mode and play with the sun settings. Or am I missing something?


I have the same question, the 3d works ok but its not quite there, I’ve played around the pen mode and edited it to have white backing but the issue I have is that the shadows/light direction comes from the camera so the shadows will never be controlled even if playing with sun or other lights. I’ve attached examples below: