Shaded viewport rotation looks like in wireframe mode

My shaded viewport rotation looks like in wireframe mode.

Static view:

and when I start to rotate the view:

Any suggestions whats the problem?

It’ll do that if it can’t maintain an adequate frame rate. Go to Options->View and under the “Dynamic Redraw” section reduce the Frames per Second to try to reduce it.

Default Frames per Second was 5, I reduced it to 2 and nothing changed.

Is your hardware acceleration working? What does SystemInfo say?

You can set the number to say 0.001. Then it will probably never degrade.

Make sure the following is not activated in your display mode also…

It looks like a graphic card driver problem, I just bought an eGPU and it’s drivers mess up the ones that are installed on the laptop. I can’t access Display Adapter Troubleshooter on a video card to check the Hardware Acceleration.