Shaded view problems, lines that shouldn't be visible


I’m using the default Shaded View setting for perspective, the only thing I’ve messed with is edge thickness and lighting scheme. When I pan around polysurfaces for some reason the edges from other polysurfaces bleed through. It makes it very hard to understand what I’m looking at. Is there a solution?

In the image I’ve circled where its happening.

Any help would be great! Thanks


Hi Jake, try the command _TestZBiasFactor than click “Less” in the commandline until it looks better.



Success! Thanks for the quick response.


(Wim Dekeyser) #4

"command _TestZBiasFactor"
I’ve seen this one mentioned a few times now lately. @jeff doesn’t really want us to use this command, though it’s a long time ago that this was stated. @jeff, do you still want us to send in example files or are you working on something new?


the test command can fix it but usually shrinking trimmed surfaces and/or turning stuff off that is far away from the camera solves the problem.


The testbias command seemed to work this time, I also deleted some far away objects which probably helped. But for future reference, what do you mean by shrinking trimmed surfaces?

And does anyone know if I should be using this text command? Is it safe? It told me to report my use of it to McNeel.


i could explain it poorly or try looking up shrink trimmed surfaces in the help menu… you’ll learn a lot about rhino and how it works with control points and surfaces generally.