Shaded View also rendered, show just edges, not edges of fillets

If I turn on for Shadow mode, show edges and use 1, I see edges of surfaces I dont want to see such as edges of fillets.
I want just sharp edges showing up, not even the connecting line from edge of hole on outside of a 2mm thick wall to the edge of same hole on inside face of that wall.
Just wish to ‘enhance’ the viewing of edges.
In shadow mode and also rendered mode.

What setting does this ?


Hi Steve - in V6/WIP, you can toggle tangent edges in the display. Not in V5.


So no way of just enhancing edge visibility in V5 then ?

Its just that all faces facing a certain direction have same grey shade and thus appear fused together , needs a slightly more contrasting line to just show there is an edge, as well as it enhances the image for a quick visual for someone.

Unless I dabble with rendered view, but never used rendered view yet, usually find the black shadows are my side of the view as if backlit, and not familiar with how to alter materials and lights when I am after a very quick visual,

Where are the getting started in render view videos I wonder. I have a tad more time tonight for once so maybe a chance to learn !

Such time is lost trying to find tutorials usually.