Shaded Preview Appears Warped

Hi all,

I have been creating geometry using Grasshopper and baking it as blocks.

Sometimes the baked geometry appears warped in Rhino when view is set to Shaded. Although the seam lines (there might be a more appropriate term for those) appear to show that the geometry is fine.

The same geometry in AutoCAD appears fine as well in Shaded view.

Is there a way to prevent the Shaded preview to show warping surface?



Hi Arthur - there aren’t any setting in Grasshopper components to create surfaces that are split at their tangents. When you use profile / rail curves with tangent segments (such as the fillets on a box), single surfaces will be created and these almost certainly will have issues with the display mesh. There is nothing wrong with the surfaces but they will appear warped as in your example. The way to avoid this in Grasshopper is to make surfaces from the individual segments of the curves and then join the surfaces together into a single object.

Thanks for you quick response Wim,

So if I understand correctly you are suggesting that I should subdivide my profile into smaller/simpler curves (shown by red marks on profile) before I extrude/sweep them along and rejoin the individual surfaces after?

That’s correct, yes, Arthur. Depending on how you are making these curves, they might be not-joined when created and so you wouldn’t need to subdivide them. But that depends on how they are made, of course.