Shaded Mode Shaded Only When Selected

I have my persp viewport set to shaded, although this happens in any viewport set to shaded. The object is only shaded when selected.

New objects are unaffected. When they are created, they stay shaded. Is there a way to fix this without closing Rhino? I cannot restart Rhino, because of a separate issue with Blocks not storing custom object info. If I were to save and open it, all my TSplines objects in the blocks will open as meshes. I’m almost done and restarting Rhino would really set me back at this point.

This just showed up in the model as I reset and adjust View and render mesh options. When I delete it, the display mode goes back to normal. It appears to be the control polygon for a TSplines object in a Block that doesn’t exist in the scene. File saved before deleting the mysterious object and sent to

Does shading work with the file you sent when TSplines is disabled from tools->options->plug-ins?

Yes, it goes back to normal.

But, that object didn’t exist. It was not a hidden object that suddenly became visible. It appeared after changing display and mesh settings in Tools>Options trying to restore shaded mode.

I see. Thanks for the last test - it shows that the problem lies in TSpline’s code. Perhaps @tomfinnigan can help us understand what is going on.

Yes, we have another report that T-splines don’t work well with blocks or xrefed geometry in Rhino 5 (I think it worked in Rhino 4, but I should double check). I have it on my queue, but haven’t gotten to it yet.