Shaded, ghosted,x-ray all look the same?

All these modes look the same in all viewports on Rhino for Mac V6. There is probably an easy solution to this? Can anyone please point me in the right direction?



Please run the Rhino V6 “SystemInfo” command and post the results.
How many monitors are you running?
What screen resolution?
Do you have any other peripheral devices attached?
Are you using a docking station or something similar?


Hi John,

Only the iMac monitor. No peripherals, no docking stations……

Screen resolution is 72



That is not your screen resolution.

And we’d still like to see the text generated by the Rhino command _SystemInfo posted here.

Im sorry “Jester”. If the question is the resolution of my Mac screen monitor it is 2560x1440

Here is the system info BTW, I emailed it directly from the report window as well

Rhino system info.txt (3.18 KB)