Shaded display print options

Hi, I need some help printing shaded displays to pdf. I’m trying to remove all shading to make the image cleaner, but even with options set to No Lighting there’s still a noticeable sheen.

This is what I’m trying to get my prints to look like: (Image from Solidworks)

and this is what they’re actually printing like:

I need to print in vector mode because this is going on a layout with multiple text and curves. No matter what settings I tweak I can’t seem to accomplish my goal of making this print cleaner.


Hi Nick - Shaded uses an EMap in a custom material to get the sheen - if you turn that off, I think you’ll get what you are after:

Change that setting - better?


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Once again, pascal’s knowledge base solves every problem. That made the color flat all the way through, thanks!

All I need to figure out now is how to reduce the jpg-like compression artifacts when I print to pdf.