Shaded display performance hit with face colors

Brep faces with PerFaceColor set are significantly affecting the display performance in a shaded display mode.

As can be demonstrated with
Test-SlowShadedDisplays_with_PerFaceColor.3dm (3.1 MB)

  1. Turn on a shaded display mode. Performance is good.
  2. Explode all the blocks on layer WithPerFaceColor. Performance worsens considerably. Notice that with less breps displayed, as when zoomed into a corner of the model, navigation becomes more responsive.
  3. Turn off layer WithPerFaceColor.
  4. Turn on layer NoPerFaceColor. Performance is good.
  5. Explode all the blocks on layer NoPerFaceColor. Performance doesn’t worsen.

Per _TestMaxSpeed, the display performance for the set of breps with PerFaceColor is close to 100 times slower than the set of breps without PerFaceColor.

can you please run the systeminfo command in rhino and post the results here?

SystemInfo.txt (2.2 KB)

Disabling both the 3Dconnexion plugin and its driver didn’t seem to make a difference.

On the pile for investigation:

Any update about that? Per face color, are very good for me, but like this is unusable,


Nothing yet. We will post a message in this thread when we believe we have made improvements with respect to per face color performance.

ok, thank you.