Shaded Display is Transparent

Hello everyone.

I am having this annoying problem all along, which is that any objects that are meant to be opaque, appear as transparent in my shaded view, while my display settings are set to default.

I just drew a box to show the problem.

Could someone help me out please? Thanks!

Do you have an AMD video card by any chance…? If so, this may be your problem


Hi Mitch. Thank you for your response.

My Display Adapters are:

  • AMD Radeon R7 M260
  • Intel® HD Graphics 5500

Can my problem be solved?

Unfortunately, probably not any good solutions…

I’m assuming Rhino is using the Radeon and not the Intel… Maybe better to force Rhino to use the Intel 5000 in this case… Don’t know what the recommendations are here. @John_Brock



Options>View>OpenGL> uncheck Use accelerated hardware modes

Yes, that just turns your graphics card(s) off… A stopgap solution, but not a very satisfactory one with more complex models, unfortunately… --Mitch

Oh OK, well I’ll see how it works out for the moment. Thanks!

Your may get the odd transparency on the Radeon sorted in Options > View >
OpenGL but setting and antialiasing to None.

If that’s still not good, then set your Windows Control Panel "Power"
options to Balanced and restart Windows. This should effectively block
Windows switching graphics to the Radeon for Rhino. Then in OpenGL, you
should see the Intel chip detail described instead of the AMD Radeon. The
Intel is not accelerated but at least supports the V5 display features.
Be sure the Intel driver is current or you may get a crash.