SFAssert Failed

From Wikipedia—>https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Software_release_life_cycle
Bob, Please read this article!^^^^^^

Yes! I understand I can have My Money back, but what about the billion hours I have spent learning and troubleshooting and finding ways around the bugs?

When someone “Invests” in a title like this the money is the easy part…
Its very disappointing to realize youve painted yourself in a corner with the WRONG CAD ecosystem.
Someone please shoot Me in the head…

What does this mean?

Ward’s Hermite…

Where exactly is this, I can’t find it?

Could you please answer this question? I thought the ability to rotate the environment was implemented as well??

Environment scaling is located in the Brazil render settings panel>Environment section, you’ll have to have detailed controls displayed as well. For rotation of an environment texture you’ll need to go to the settings for the texture in the environment it’s added to. There you’ll find an Azimuth setting at the top of the textures settings, this will rotate the texture.