Setup.ini - setting activation code isn't working

Last year it worked fine but this year it’s not, using the latest installer that has the latest sp integrated.
We insert our cd key and activation code. (don’t use zoo server)

# License Details:
# WORKGROUP_NODE=1     # Install so Rhino uses Zoo license manager
 WORKGROUP_NODE=0     # Install as stand-alone node. RMA_CDKEY is required.
# # server IP address or Fully Qualified Domain Name
RMA_CDKEY=RH50-___-___-___-___ # Your CD-Key

RMA_VALIDATION_CODE=____-_____-_____-____-____ # Your Validation Code, obtained from

That’s because your off-line Validation code is only good for 24-hours after generating it.
Please go back to the Support page on the Rhino Web site to generate a new off-line Validation code. Update your setup.ini and run the deployment with 24-hours.
You might consider making a commented note in your setup.ini file to that effect for next year.