Settings window empty after returning from other Mac Application ([CMD]-[Tab])

Having the Settings open, and switching to another Mac App, when returning to the Rhino App, the Settings window lost its settings, it´s totally emptied.

See these Screenshots, before:

… and after returning to Rhino:

I’m not seeing this behavior on my MBP running 10.10.2. Looks like you are not yet upgraded to Yosemite. Can you please post your current Rhino software info? (You know: About Rhino > More Info… > Copy to clipboard). Thanks.

OK, this was on Mavericks (10.9.5). I can post work machine info tomorrow.

I’ll try later on 10.10.3 Beta (another machine at home).

To be honest, I´m in Fullscreen Mode (on 10.9.5 AND 10.10.3 Beta).

When trying to replicate the error on 10.10.3, there´s a very short glitch at the first 1/4th of a second when returning to the Rhino Fullscreen window with the Settings window open.

But the contents of the Settings window re-appear after a very short time, as described above.

Ok, so here’s what I understand from your report: Mavericks 10.9.5 in Fullscreen mode (on a MBP?) consistently exhibits this behavior. I just want to make sure I log this correctly so we can get it tested.

I can see the slight delay on my MBP running 10.10.2…so yeah, something a little weird is going on here.

This is on an iMac 27 mid 2011 - 10.9.5

on 10.9.5 the settings window is now nicely shown when getting back to the application (fullscreen).

Sorry, does this mean the issue has gone away for 10.9.5? Are you still experiencing it on the OS X 10.10.3 beta?

Yes, it works now on 10.9.5 AND 10.10.3 BETA.

Sorry for not testing this at home.

Thanks! :blue_heart: