Settings Persistence

Greetings All,

There are two related problems I am having with RH6.

  1. Persistent Osnap is not persistent. I have to toggle this on every day, sometimes multiple times.
  2. Model space scaling and Layout space scaling in Annotation styles. I have to toggle these off every day, multiple times.

In my estimation the default for #1 should be ‘always on unless turned off’.
In my estimation the default for #2 should be ‘always off unless turned on’.

Which is opposite the current default.

Not a big thing, until it has to be dealt with multiple times daily.

Anyone find a workaround yet?

Hello - the Osnap toolbar closing is a bug and has been fixed for a service release. The other setting is a document property and you should set this as you like it in your template files . Does that make sense with what you’re seeing?


Thanks Pascal,

Setting Document properties in my template files would work for future work, if I were not saving down to RH4 for the rest of my team. Yes, I am the only one with sufficient faith - or the only one that really wants the latest features.

Also, I have several thousands of part files, with no desire to re-save every one simply to add a control toggle, even when/if I start saving V6 files.

If there are no workarounds, maybe I will just make a button or initialization script that shuts that pesky feature off.