Settings not sticking

I have one very visual setting - the color of the name of the active viewport - that makes it rather obvious that at least some settings do not survive an exit and restart of Rhino.

In a file with multiple layouts, if I save and exit Rhino when 4 regular modelling space viewports are open (in this case with a 5th floating viewport on screen 2), opening the file again can have one of the layouts showing across 3 of 4 viewports with the 4th viewport being the active viewport (in modelling space).

Hi Wim- that one is sticking OK here. I know there are some that still do not, so please continue to report them when you see them… but as far as I can see right now, ‘Active viewport title’ is remembered between sessions- shout if you still see this after the next WIP - should be tomorrow sometime.

I’ll test the layout thing… I have not seen anything like that so far, but I do not use layouts ‘for real’ very much.


Hi Pascal,
Thanks for looking into this one!

Cool, I’ll shout if necessary.

I’m not sure this really is a layout thing. I’m getting a lot of display glitches (like selections not highlighting) and I’m not really sure what I should do. I’m on a Quadro 4000M but with drivers from 2011. That’s enough for me not to complain too much but the thing is that it’s rock-stable on RH5 and I’m not sure I should change something that is working. Especially in light of the GPU topics with changes to driver settings that are going around - and in some cases leading to unstable systems. Then again, I don’t really see the point of having an optimized RH5 around when I’m only RH6 anymore… Oh well :blush: