Settings>Grid: line count confused with extents?

What I am seeing here is that the setting in Grid properties>Grid line count is being interpreted as the extents in file units and not number of lines to show.

For example, I set grid line count to 10, minor grid lines every 10 units. What shows up is a grid from 0 to 10 units in +/-XY, but with only one line at 0 and another at +/-10. My interpretation is that it should be 100 units in each direction i.e. 10 minor lines *10 units per minor line. The only time it is correct is when minor grid line spacing is set to 1 unit.

I did check, Windows Rhino behavior is correct in this regard.

Before I bug report this, does anyone else see the same behavior?

Thx, --Mitch

Hi Mitch,
I am not sure what is bugging you, but this is what my setup looks like:

I am finding this just as I would expect, a count of 100 (minor) lines, at 1 mm apart, and every tenth line showing up as a major line.

And when I change the spacing to 10, the grid line count is still 100 in each direction, and the extents value shows as 1000:

You are right in that the extents value is clearly not the number of lines, but rather the distance that the grid stretches. I don’t perceive that as abnormal.


@maxz I’m talking about the following… Does that look correct to you?

Ah, … no, not really. Did not try that variation.
Something weird going on after changing the Extents field:

And this was after changing Extents the 2nd time, the first time there was no corresponding change in the Settings panel.


Edit: … (My oversight)

Yes, your grid is set to millimetres.

Your grid count is 10, if you use multi points with Grid Snap on you will see your 10 millimetres .

Minor lines are at the 10 mm line and your major lines are also at your 10mm line

So what I see is correct.

Thanks @maxz, I never ran the grid from the command line. Cool that is is Viewport dependant. Seems to work here when changing the extents.

Working correct here.

Don’t confuse Grid (visual) with Grid snap. The two are independent (most people have no idea).

I persist: My grid line COUNT is set to 10 - that means I should have 10 grid lines; and their SPACING is set to 10mm, that means that the outer extents should be at 10*10=100, not 10. If you set this in Windows it looks like this:

I just meant to have it on so the points are set at each millimetre.

It makes sense when you explain it that way.

I was under the impression “Grid Line Count” was the amount of lines set to document default measurement, so if my document is set to millimetres would it not mean that for every millimetre you get one line. Thinking this way if I set Minor & Major grid lines to 10, then you would only see one line.

So Grid Line Count is related to the major lines? Minor, I now see in Windows.

So is it a bug, seems like it if it should work like Windows.

This is the way it has always worked in Windows, which is why I noticed it immediately on Mac. I don’t know how long it’s been this way, there was a bug reported more than a year ago but it is labeled as fixed/closed.

My understanding is that “minor” lines are the basic lines that obey the “minor grid lines every xx” setting - which seems logical to me. You set the the number minor lines you want to determine the grid extents, and the major lines are just every n minor lines which are “highlighted” for visual purposes like a sheet of graph paper.

There are other logical methods for setting up a grid, such as via spacing and an extents dimension rather than a line count. Personally I don’t care how it is set as long as setting it is easy and logical and is the same thing cross-platform.

In this case, I think someone just hooked up the settings dialog incorrectly - as we recently found another menu item to be hooked up wrong as well.

I’m going to file a bug using this topic as a reference and let McNeel chew on it…