Setting Url, Url description on Instance definition

Hello everyone,

I am facing trouble when trying to change (set) the property Url and UrlDescription of an Instance definition.

            // Add Url and description // Not working
            if (URL != "")
                doc.InstanceDefinitions[indexOfCreatedBlock].Url = URL;
            if (URLDescription != "")
                doc.InstanceDefinitions[indexOfCreatedBlock].UrlDescription = URLDescription;

After setting, the InstanceDefinition.Url property it stays the same as before (null).

Is there something I should do to commit changes on the instance definition table? Or a method I am missing to modify this properties.


Hi @btrg,

Use InstanceDefinitionTable.Modify.

– Dale

Hi @dale, thank you.
I noticed the InstanceDefinitionTable.Modify method doesn’t take Url or Url description as parameters, so this would not work for this case.

Hi @btrg,

Thanks for pointing that out.

– Dale

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RH-67038 is fixed in Rhino 7 Service Release 16 Release Candidate