Setting up Rhino for Architectural Visualisations

Hi There,

I’ve been working with Rhino (with Vray) for two years now. Mostly for architectural visualisation.
Tipps and tricks about properly setting up Vray are relative easy to find. But how about adjusting the Rhino Settings for a better/smoother workflow (mesh settings, openGL, …) - where can one find some tipps about that?

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That’s good…


Haha, Helvetosaur =] Don’t know what happened to my comment. The preview showed the whole text…
However - ideas?

There are some subjects that are covered in the Rhino Wiki

White Papers

Unfortunately, the OpenGL section is hopelessly out of date…


Well, thanks. There doesn’t seem to be a ‘best’/‘optimal’ configuration for Rhino. Sad…

However, here’s a good explanation about the issues of meshes.

Yes, that’s referenced on the meshfaq page…

There is no best/optimal configuration for Rhino - otherwise it would probably be configured like that from the start - as so many people do so many different things with Rhino in so many different ways…


That’s probably a good point.

My title should’ve been : Rhino 5 _ Setting it up properly for Architectural Purposes